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0 The SEO Benefits of Social Media

According to a recent study by Retrevo, 91% from the total number of respondents said that they are checking their Facebook accounts as many as 10 times a day. Twitter on the other hand, is receiving 200 million tweets daily based on the article of Schonfeld. Conventional sociologists may interpret this as an alarming statistics, but for entrepreneurs and SEO companies, this is a great opportunity to strike their business schemes! 
How Can Social Media Help Your SEO Campaign
Long before social media marketing, SEO is already the partner of internet marketers in making money online. When twitter, facebook, and other social media sites came into the scene, a new discipline was born – social media marketing. These two fields – SEO and SMM when combined can become a very powerful tool. It shouldn’t be a question of which one is the best or the most productive when it comes to driving traffic to your money site.
How can social media help your SEO campaign? It’s very simple. Take into factor that real people are populating these social media sites; they are the voters behind your content being placed in Google’s sights. Google ranks social signals highly in its algorithm so by producing quality content via your blog, website, facebook, twitter etc, and your website will be strongly backed by Google. But I must stress quality! Don’t fall into the hands of Google Panda and penguin quality control role out recently, otherwise you just might find your website being penguin slapped and dropping rankings dramatically.

Top SEO Benefits of Social Media
  1. Blogs. On WordPress alone, about 345 million people view different blogs each month and 200,000 posts are published daily which makes blog sites one of the powerful grounds for SEO. Company blogs must have important keywords that are linked to their websites.  But due to intense competition among company blogs, the keywords you have chosen must be transformed into a creative SEO content writing. It should be entertaining yet informative, conversational yet formal, and controversial yet factual. How-to instructions, blogs beginning on best and worst, and other unique contents are what attract the readers. Materials that are incorporated on your company blog must be fresh and always updated. Keep in mind that the latter is part of the new Google criterion for assigning SEO rankings. Content-rich blogs with direct links never fail to gain high ranking.
  2. Video Presentations. More people would prefer to watch a 3 minute video than to read a 500 word article with one featured image on it. Therefore, there is a higher probability for the company’s message to be exposed. Google gives points to videos encrypted with rich keywords.  These videos can be posted on YouTube, company website, blog posts, and social media websites. Videos are more likely to be passed along other than written articles. And if you’re company video is entertaining, it can go viral in the span of 24 hours to millions of subscribers all over the world. You can include a short portion to showcase your company’s information since visual information has greater impact rather than written information.
  3. Social Media Platforms: Platforms for Product Promotion. Maintaining a higher conversation rate among potential clients is the best way to ultimately promote and sell products and services.  Although virtual and off the net businesses differ in terms of their design and strategy, effective sales talk is still essential to both.  Let’s face it, only few internet users will go straightly to a particular company website and purchase a product/service without having prior information about it. And since cyber crimes like fraud is very rampant nowadays, not all people will be willing to entrust their credit card details. The best way to establish rapport with your customers is through social media platforms. When you have a reputable business fan page that contains numerous positive feedbacks from customers who bought products/services from you, this will encourage those potential clients to trust you as well. Aside from that, conversation through social media platforms are a lot faster and more convenient for the customers since they don’t have to open their e-mail account just to ask one question.
  4. Customer Interaction and Involvement. People find it interesting when they are given the rights to express their opinion in public about certain products and services. Their involvement and interaction can help SEO companies and business owners to tailor their strategies according to the desires of their customers.  A great way to gain interaction is through company surveys, contests, or by encouraging them to provide their reactions in company blogs about controversial topics.

The SEO Benefits of Social Media: Final Words
Millions of internet users visit social media networks as part of their daily routine; some for personal use and others for business. Nonetheless, those who just use it to check their notifications can still see something that might interest them like for example a video that has more than 5 shares or a business page that has frequently appeared on your news feed.
Social media platforms are a brilliant tool to create brand recognition. The branding of a website is just as important as its ranking. Although branding can take more time to expand, a website should already drive lead generation.
Marketing through social media is just one of the integral strategies of website optimization.  SEO companies and business owners should not rely entirely on Facebook fans they have, but creating quality shareable content via their websites or blogs and including natural keywords throughout.
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