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Revealing Pinterest’s Impact for Business: 26 Great Tip Guide

Recently, the use of Pinterest for business purposes is being greatly recognized by most business owners. A lot of internet marketers have doubts regarding the use of such site for their business. For those who are knowledgeable about what Pinterest is all about, they believe that using this is a great way to increase customer’s product awareness. With Pinterest, visual bookmarking, organizing, and sharing things have never been easier!
If you are a business owner and you are planning to take advantage of Pinterest, then there are lots of ways to do that! So, how do you exactly make use of Pinterest to promote your business? Here are 26 ways to do so!
Tip #1: Put a ‘Pin It’ button and/ or a Pinterest “Follow” in your website, blog, or page.
If you are aiming to increase the online presence of your products, this is the best way to go! You can add a ‘Pinterest’ button or you can choose any type of add-on button from the Pinterest’s goodies page.
Do this, you will be giving prospective clients and loyal customers a chance to pin your products.
Tip #2: Incorporating Your Brand In Pinterest.
The one difference between Pinterest and Facebook is the fact that Facebook has a separate profile for business and personal use. Despite this fact, many business owners have seen the use of taking advantage of their Pinterest presence. The best way to introduce your Pinterest profile to the public is by using your Twitter account.
Tip #3: Crowdsource.
Brands can definitely make use of the crowdsourcing tips. When we say crowdsourcing, you will be requesting your loyal customers to take a picture of themselves while wearing your product. Request to tag those photos to you. To make it go viral, re-pin the photos and pin these to the VIP board.
Tip #4: Follow Links
 Aside from making use of Pinterest as a visual representation of your company brand, this can also help you with regards to SEO. This is because Pinterest come with Follow Links which is proven to have great SEO value.
Tip #5: Keep Pin etiquette in mind.
Like any social networks, Pinterest also has its ground rule—be nice, stay away from self-promotion, tell them how you are doing, identify your sources, and report any objectionable content you will come upon.
Tip #6: make use Of Pinterest as a Focus Group.
In Pinterest, people openly share about their likes and interests in a very visual way. You can greatly take advantage of this. Imagine, you do not have to conduct any survey to know about their hobbies and passions. All these can be utilized so that you can get insights about your target market.
Tip #7: Make Your Pinterest Boards and Pins Grow.
Like in any social network, a dormant profile is undesirable. This is why you should always make it a point to update your Pinterest profile. At the same time, you should invest some time in taking a look and monitoring the popular pins to help you know how the market is.
 Tip #8: Take Advantage of Pinterest
 Many businesses are now making use of Pinterest benefits and features to enhance their brand image instead of directly marketing it. For this, you can make use of Pinterest’s theme-based pin boards.
Tip #9: Incorporate the “Pin It!” Button in your website.
By doing so, you will have the chance to pin images from various websites in your pin board. Once you do this, Pinterest will automatically give credit to the original creator by giving them a source link.
Tip #10: Are You Being Questioned About Why you should utilize Pinterest?
Answer those doubts with Monetate’s influential infographic’s – Pinterest the Next Social Commerce Game-Changer? This post will surely get their attention!
 Tip #11: Hash tags and Keywords.
 Make your pins search engine optimized by putting keywords. Choose keywords that you think the people are most likely to use when they are searching for a specific content.
 Tip #12: Link Back To Your Very Own Website.
 Ensure people can find you online by putting links to your Twitter and Facebook profile in your Pinterest profile. You can also direct your users to web pages in your site by adding the URL.
 Tip #13: Collaborate with Your Contributors.
 Pinterest offers the “me + Contributors” posting capability. This feature allows you to enable and engage other people to post in your boards.
 Tip #14: Build Network with Clients
 This is a great site to interact and create a good network with your customers. You can use this the same way you utilize Facebook and Twitter plus more! Aside from all the comments and likes, you are given a bonus—pins!
 Tip #15: Engage Users to Talk to You.
 Pinterest is a site where user’s comments and observations are accepted warmly. If you want to hear or know people’s comments or insights, you can always address them by typing @ + username (just like Twitter!)

Tip #16: Use Pinterest for Content Marketing Purposes
According to the experts, you can make use of Pinterest to drive traffic to your site, by being creative. You can make use of info graphics, show charts which feature statistics relevant to your industry, publish more visual content for promotions (you can do this for presenting tips!) and put up a photo for every blog post.
 Tip #17: Put Quality Photos.
 Pinterest is best used with photos. Your Pinterest profile must have high-quality and pin-able photos. Correct tagging is always recommended.
 Tip #18: Always Check Your Referral Traffic
 We all know how important statistics are when it comes to SEO and ranking higher. This is why it is best to monitor your results.
 Tip #19. Find pins for your blog or site.
 Do you have any idea what is being pinned with regards to your company? If you want to know, then go tohttp://pinterest.com/source/socialmediaexaminer.com/.
Tip #20: Utilize Pinterest for Team Communication.
 Are you looking for the best and most effective way to meet with your team? Do it the Pinterest way! You can make use of boards to creatively start your meeting. Also, you can send your members things-to-do or to-buy list by posting on the boards.
 Tip #21: Educate
 The sites or brands that are perceived useful are always the ones that are always recognized. This is why you should use Pinterest to give great benefits to your clients. You can put educational and useful photos or videos in your board.
 Tip #22: Make Your Videos Stand Out
 Pinterest has allocated a space for videos. In order to make your videos stand out, you should add annotations to your videos. By using annotations, you can tell the visitors to pin your video if they find it useful. You can add a direct link to your profile also.
 Tip #23: Engage your clients to comment
 As compared to Facebook, Pinterest features three buttons—like, comment and re-pin. It is always best that you leave room for comments. Don’t let your followers take time to comment.  Start the conversation yourself. You can ask them what they think about your photo or videos.
 Tip #24: Identify the use of Pinterest For your business
 Pinterest is a good tool to market your product however it is not designed to be used by all brands. Some of the businesses that may benefit from Pinterest include– apparels, Food/beverages, Technology, events planner, architecture, health and personal care, and many more. If your business has stunning imagery and unique products, Pinterest is a good choice.
 Tip #25: Reasons for Using Pinterest
 Pinterest presents businesses with a wide array of options and benefits. However, it is still best if you give time to think if you have the time to manage another social media site.
 Tip #26: Consider it as a zine
 If you cannot comprehend the greatness of Pinterest, you just have to think of it as a very loved and adored zine. It gives people a great option for web browsing, whether in mobile phone or personal computer!
We value our readers comments and feedback. What do you think about Pinterest and how valuable do you consider it? Make sure to hit them social share buttons, we appreciate it!
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