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Strong Businesses Use Social Media

Why is it that the big guns are using social media and the small businesses are struggling to keep up with the ever fast growing “New Era” of marketing?
Almost a decade ago Social Media didn’t even exist, that was until Myspace launched into every Generation Y’s sight and no one would have predicted the success and importance of Social Media for which it is today.
Over the past 8 years social media has boomed at lightning speed, platforms are popping up monthly and numbers of users are on the rise at a rapid pace and the incline isn’t showing any kind of resistance in the near future.
So why is it that the larger businesses are jumping on the social media band wagon? I can tell you now it isn’t about having a pretty page to look at but for the consumer to see and engage with them on a personal level. Yes “brand awareness” is a key reason why they are investing in social media but “customer engagement” is a bigger factor behind the move and it’s paying off in dividends. Customers are no longer just a “customer” but a brand advocate.
Whenever a customer is engaging and participating in a conversation, the interaction is seen by all his friends and followers which in turn is a way of word of mouth. Word of mouth is the most trusted way of advertising for businesses, the recommendation of a product or service by their peers is and always will be the most effective way for businesses to get that next sale or customer.
The real question is why are small businesses struggling to keep up with the new age of marketing? One reason is small businesses are still holding onto the,“social media is a fad and will be over sooner then we think motto”, which is light years away from the truth. The ones that are turning a new leaf are caught up in the too hard basket excuse, yet know the importance for having a social media presence but sit firmly onto their hands and let the critical key influencer slip below the belt. Time and knowledge would have to be the most prominent reason why businesses neglect social media as a major part of their marketing strategy tool kit. Small business owners don’t have time for themselves and the little valuable time they might have is consumed by them running the business.
It is critical for small businesses to take full advantage of social media as a valuable addition to their online marketing strategy. Whether you run a small or large business, you must learn to adapt  the ever evolving world of social media. With professional help such as hiring a social media marketing agencyor a freelance Social Media Manager, you can effectively maximize your customer reach and increase your profit.
If no action is taken towards social media marketing then those small business will continue to struggle behind the scenes and potentially be left for dead by the larger companies.
Is your business currently using social media? Share what advantages it has contributed to your business by commenting below!
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